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A little more blue-green than I had intended but this bold color certainly made this room much more cozy as we had intended. It's growing on me. Amazing what a difference a can of paint and a few hours of an afternoon makes

My $4 find from last weekend in the basement of an antique shop. Painting our living room today during nap time and then we get to clean up this beauty and build a frame for her!

Last week I opened up a little more than usually about a challenging day I was having. Both kids and myself were (and are still) sick and we have been riding the tide of uncertainty with a lot of life changes recently. It honestly wasn't the first (nor will be the last) challenging day we have had around here. But we're finally getting to a point where we can say "this too shall pass" and believe it to be true. So last week Andrea @tubbytodd shared my post and sent some words of encouragement. She also gave me a credit for some #tubbytodd product. Her caring gesture made me feel all the feels (and I'm usually one to try to bottle those up). I'm so grateful and inspired by her act of kindness to cheer up a stranger that I decided to use the credit to buy some product for my sister who is expecting and has also had quite the rough year. And as I see a lot of people working through their own challenges lately (whether it's personal, professional, or political), I just want to say how much a kind gesture can do for someone in need, because we all need a little more kindness in our lives #payitforward #yougotthismama (p.s.- I used this belly balm all through the second half of my most recent pregnancy and still have no stretch marks! Really proud to support a business with both wonderful products and great leadership)

Trying to keep up with those smiles even though you spent all night in the urgent care with RSV. You sure have had a rough start to life but you seem to love it regardless little Oliver. Happy 4 months 💕#anotherbabyboymohrman

Squeezed in some me time after this sick and dreary day. It's amazing how great it feels just to make something. Feeling accomplished and seeing the product of your work (even if it was only 5 minutes worth) really does wonders for your self confidence! And in case you're in need of lactation bites too (or if you like to eat them regardless because they're delicious like Kiel will), here is the recipe: 1 cup oats 1 cup shredded coconut 1/2 cup flax seed 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips 1/3 honey 3/4 to 1 cup Nutella Mix together and roll into small bites. Refrigerate or freeze and thaw as needed

It's been one of those days. One where you heat up your coffee three times and still haven't been able to drink it. One where no matter how hard you try you can't keep up with the demands of the tiny humans that rule the house and someone is constantly crying. It's been a little slow around here lately while we adjust to new schedules and new family dynamics. But I wouldn't have it any other way. As much as I want to tackle that to do list, I also want to just take it easy and snuggle on the couch. Leaning into it today

Happy belated 3 months Oliver! You sure have turned our lives upside down but your chunky cheeks make up for it. Sorry you didn't get a 2 month photo #secondchild

Scrap booking ✔️ cookies baked ✔️gifts wrapped ✔️thank goodness for a productive day after that cruddy stomach bug yesterday... ready to get our holiday on 🎄🎉

Still trying to figure out how I feel about this whole living room rearrangement thing. It was a blast dragging that tree across the room. And I can't wait to paint this trim white. It's been on the to do list for several years. Now that I'm over that whole pregnancy thing, 2017 is going to be my year #gettingridofshit #bye2016 #pineneedleseverywhere #atleastwefoundsantaseyes

A little living room rearranging to give us a change of scenery for these long cold months ahead. Snuggling up with this warm new throw from @opal_stackhouse all day!

First week back to work. Many people on this space probably don't know that I work part time as an oncology nurse. Had quite the busy day as the clinic charge but made it through just like we always do. Came out to the most beautiful winter scene and all the chaos of the day just melted away. So grateful for a great team and the most wonderful patients and families today. A little blurry but I just had to capture this beautiful and peaceful sight out in front of #thejames

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