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First dinner at our new dining table that @midwestwoodsfurniture made for us 💛 also 6 ingredient from this meal were from this week's CSA box and I'm like #winning

Can't believe the next photo will be your last and that in just a few short weeks you will be 1 😭 what a crazy year and while I'm glad we're over some hurdles, I do wish time would slow down just a bit #anotherbabyboymohrman

Checking off all the to-do lists during this holiday weekend (like finally hanging Evan's reading light by his bed). Hope you're having a relaxing long holiday weekend 💛

My mom runs a local Home Staging business in Columbus (@columbushomestaging) and recently used my #DIY hairpin leg table for one of her stagings. This corner space is just dreamy and is totally getting me in the mood for fall 🍂🌾 📷@columbushomestaging

Had the loveliest breakfast at @dough_mama this morning and finally stopped in @shop.thesunroom next door. Now time to unpack, clean, and stock up on groceries. Perfect way to finish out our vacation week

Did you know that this backsplash cost us only $112 in materials? I know, I know, white subway tile seems to be everywhere but you can't beat the cost and it goes with everything #sometimesbasicisbetter

Oliver is turning one in just over a month and I'm like what?! Time slow down please! Taking some time out next week to plan his first party. This #DIY cake plate is going to be the perfect centerpiece for his shin dig. See the full tutorial over on #homedit this week- link up on the blog!

Brainstorming layouts and furniture for our basement makeover that we're planning for fall/winter. I'm so excited to make this space usable. I still haven't finished redecorating the playroom but I just can't help making plans for this new space. Now I'll be able to drop the kids off in the basement with @midwestwoodsfurniture and have solo time in my studio without the kids throwing things at me and yelling at me through the playroom 🙌🏻 Anyone out there have tips on decorating unfinished or semi finished spaces? I've been researching and am not finding much out there. We're still on the fence about how finished the space will be due to potential flooding. Working on some mitigation but 100 year old basements aren't the easiest or cheapest spaces to completely water proof. PS- those pillows there used to be a scarf and button down that I never wore #reuserecyclerepurpose

Happy 10 months Oliver! You're teething like crazy, dropping that baby weight and moving around like a champ! Such a relief that you have had an easy recovery from surgery a few months ago. I can't wait to see what you do next! #anotherbabyboymohrman

Good things come to those who wait... like this amazing vintage rug at 40% off that I almost bought at full price twice a few months ago. I've been dreaming about it everyday for the last two months and had squirreled away enough blogging money to take the plunge only to find it already deeply discounted 🙌🏻 now all I need is my custom @midwestwoodsfurniture dining table to be ready (and hopefully that will also be worth the 2 and a half year wait!!!) #patienceisavirtue

When I drive around the city I can't help but notice the abundance of beauty in the "overgrown" foliage in back alleys or off highways. We created this bouquet with flowers all foraged locally here in Columbus. See the full how to along with a guide on what to pick and tips for foraging and arranging on the blog. Special thanks to @bearrootsfloral for tips and helping source some local blooms! Link to the story on @1812columbus in the profile

6 years ago when we renovated our kitchen the first time around, Kiel argued for basic white subway tile. I said no because I wanted something blue. The overwhelming colorful retro inspired kitchen worked for us for a few years but as we grew older we both grew more attracted to the idea of a neutral and basic aesthetic, especially with so much chaos going on in our lives (hello 2 kids, full time jobs and side hustles). So now we're here to simple. We'll see how we're feeling in a few years #alwayschanging

I'm thrilled to share that I will be a contributor for the new Columbus media outlet @1812columbus. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their website for to see my first story (a little background on how Kiel and I ended up choosing Columbus as our city) and see all the other great Columbus based contributors. Full site launches August 1st!

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