a fresh restart

So for those of you who don't already know, last Sunday I sacrificed by MacBook Pro for a batch of Iced Tea. I learned a valuable lesson about boiling water, glass, and thermal shock. And I lost my computer along with all of my data- pictures, music, all my graduate school work and most importantly, my clinical ladder work which is due in 10 days. So if you haven't recently backed up your important files, stop reading this post right now and back them up!

Anyways, I took the hit and shelled out for a new MacBook, and now I am in the process of trying to salvage anything I can via emails, photo galleries online, etc as well as re-uploading all of my programs.

This has also been very challenging as it has prohibited me from blogging all week, just when I was gathering some exciting content! So prepare to be bombarded with posts over the next few weeks. Kiel and I have been working hard around the house, in the shop, and in the garden, so I have some good DIYs, vintage photos, and stories to share about our adventures over the last few weeks!

And seriously, go back up your files!

(above photo taken with a Kodak 35 with black and white film)