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before & after: built-in entertainment area

I have been cringing at our little "entertainment center" for years. A built in shelving system next to the mantle where we seemed to have no choice but to store our movies and plethora of cords. While brainstorming what to do with it I finally came up with the idea of sprucing up the inside with a color to distract from the messy necessary visuals after seeing this colorful closet on Apartment Therapy. I started out with a coat of blue (similar to some accents we have in our bedroom) and quickly decided that wasn't going to work. After giving it a good stare down I decided to go with some leftover black paint (Tuxedo Tie by allen + roth for Valspar)- a color I never thought I would put on a wall. Once I got a coat on it was perfect! The color blended with the cords and would give a nice pop of contrast to some added accessories that I wanted to put on the shelves.

Once the color was dry I had to plan out the presentation. I debated for a while about whether or not to keep the DVDs out on display. I really hate the sight of them but honestly have no where else to store them at this point. I thought about attempting to hide them in baskets/ boxes but figured that might make the facade look boring. I also thought about getting rid of them all together by throwing out the boxes and just going to a large book with all of our DVDs in pocket dividers but am not ready to get rid of all of our DVD boxes yet. I ended up going the lazy route and just leaving them be. I actually didn't hate the way they pop against the bold background (and please don't judge my multiple seasons of ER). I split up the collection for a staggering effect on the shelves and used some bright pieces as "book ends" to keep the DVDs in place. The top shelf was kept pretty clear for our iPad holder as that spot allows for a connection up to the speakers on the mantle above.

Now those cords. That was the hardest part about this project. We wrangled them multiple times and still managed to tie them into knots. After managing to totally disconnect our wireless internet system for a while (FYI if you need free wifi just drive by our house because we can't seem to figure out how to reset it!), we finally got them straightened out. I figured the best way to hide them was to just throw everything into something large that hid the mess as they are bound to get tangled again soon. I searched high and low at the local stores for the perfect sized basket (which I never seem to find by the way), but finally stumbled upon this fun box at the Scott Show last weekend. And finally after nearly a month of plotting, brainstorming, and a touch of trial and error I can call this project complete. And I don't feel half bad about the outcome either!

Any tips for how you organize your entertainment area?

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