before & after pie safe | farm fresh therapy.jpg

before & after: repurposed pie safe

During our bedroom makeover we had to come up with creative ideas for excess storage as we knocked out our "built-in closet" that previously held all our clothes. We were able to purchase a large wardrobe on Craigslist but that didn't quite do it for us so we hit up the local antique shops to find an old high boy. We were on a bit of a time crunch and stumbled upon this gorgeous pie safe. It was the right height and the right price so we sprung for it despite the door missing the interior.

We decided to dress it up with a pop of green to compliment our bright green master bathroom. It also helped seal in the smell of the old wood.

To finish off the nice hole in the door Kiel cut a piece of thin plastic and we attached one of my favorite fabrics with spray adhesive. The fabric is actually voile which is nice and light, making it easy to cover the plastic.

A few easy modifications and this pie safe is now a fun, pretty and functional storage solution for our clothing!

pie safe makeover | farm fresh therapy.jpg
pie safe interior | farm fresh therapy.jpg