thrifted chair before and after.jpg

before & after: thrifted chair

I spotted this gorgeous black chair at the thrift store a few weeks ago and fell in love instantly. Despite the $6.96 price tag (thrift store pricing sure has gone up!), I bought it without batting an eye. Of course not realizing that I had no place to put it.

It sat in our kitchen for about 10 days until I decided what to do with it. I knew that recovering the seat would be on the agenda for sure, but where to put the chair was still undecided. As a personal goal for myself today (and this week), I have decided to try and finish some of my halfway finished projects, which included this chair. I settled on a piece of home decor fabric that I picked up at Sew to Speak months ago. The pattern is nice and versatile. After getting out the screw driver and staple gun, I quickly reupholstered the seat. I decided at that point to keep the chippy black paint which gives the chair a rustic edge.

After my quickie DIY, I was putting the chair back together in the dining room when it struck me that this would be the perfect place! Although we have enough chairs to fit comfortably around the table now, occasionally we need more to squeeze in for big family meals.

The chair ended up fitting perfectly in the corner of the dining room as spare seating. Project checked off & goal for today complete!

thrifted chair with new fabric.jpg
black chair after.jpg