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black radish creamery

Last weekend we made a trip to the Clintonville Farmer's Market. We like to try to go most Saturdays (in the summer at least), although we have had less time recently as we have been hard at work with renovations and the new business! But I am super glad we went because I discovered an amazing preserve from local artisan Black Radish Creamery. I was also excited to see that these creations come from a local creative couple (I love creative couples!) from New Albany, OH that have created this small business (I love small businesses!).

I sampled their Billionaire and fell in love. I picked up a jar for home and have found it best paired with a small scoop of low fat vanilla frozen yogurt (which makes for a great low calorie dessert). Bonus points for healthiness! And not only does it taste good, it looks good too. I am sold!

I can’t wait to pick up more flavors! Check out their facebook page or website for more market listings, product availability, or to buy online.

And as they say- local tastes better!

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