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details: under our kitchen island

During our photo shoot with Coley & Co. last month I took some time to walk around our spectacularly clean house and admire all the work we have done over the last 3 years. While somethings we still want to change, others are perfect just the way they are. And some are still a work in progress- like our kitchen island.

While it works great the way it is, we are always finding ways to improve the heart of our kitchen. Last month we found this great wax paper dispenser that we use for foil (we find that foil is much more useful than wax paper at this point in our lives).

We built the island with metal piping from Lowe's and butcher block from Ikea. The drawers under the top of the island were found at a local antique mall. We placed butcher block in the bottom of each drawer and use the drawers for utensil storage.

And as storage in the kitchen can be tight, we have to get creative. We store our veggies in mixing bowls and spices in the spice grinder. We store the cutting boards upright in old locker baskets and hide our spicy sauces in our ball jar vases and pitchers. Our knife block was handmade by Kiel and filled with skewers so that knives can be placed in easily and at all angles.

Stay tuned for more details from around the house and soon to come the entire updated home tour!

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