baby m shower decor.jpg

DIY: 3 easy baby shower decorations

For baby m's shower a few weeks ago we crafted up a bunch of fun handmade decor items in the new studio! Last week we shared these quick little fabric flags (that take just a minute or two each!) and this week I wanted to share a few more.

The first is this chalkboard globe (see the full tutorial on Homedit). We used it as a place for friends and family to write notes of encouragement or excitement for baby m's arrival. It's also great for after the shower as a future toy for baby to draw on and color!

Secondly we created this bright and bold fabric backdrop. Perfect for friends and family to snap portraits at the shower. Since this project take a few yards of fabric in each color, to cut down on costs we used an old sheet for the lighter green color. If you pick up your solids from Joann's and use a coupon you can cut down the cost tremendously.

DIY fabric strip backdrop.jpg


-2 yards of fabric in various colors of your choice (minimum of 3)

-fabric scissors

-dowel rod


1. Cut the fabric into strips length wise. Each strip should be at least 2 yards long. Fold over the fabric to make this go faster if desired. Use fabric scissors or if you have the space a rotary cutter and cutting mat. You can make the strips as skinny or fat as desired

2. Once all your strips are cut, tie on to the dowel rod. Use a clothes pin or a foam block at the end of the dowel rod to keep the fabric strips from falling off as your tie more around the rod

3. When all of your strips are on, hang up the dowel rod on a few nails on a blank wall or above a door to create your back drop. Cut the strips even at the ends if needed so they all are approximately the same length

baby boy shower.jpg

Lastly we created this fun paper garland to string around the windows and door frames. Another cheap and easy project to complete!


-colorful construction paper (8.5" x 11" is easiest)

-paper cutter

-sewing machine


1. Start by cutting your construction paper down to approximately 1-1.25 inch strips. These can vary in size per your preference. You will likely want to cut your strips in half length wise to make them smaller so that your finished strips are approximately 1" x 4". Cut multiples in various colors, some thicker and some thinner, some longer and some shorter as desired.

2. Once your strips are finished being cut, stack them in order of color that you would like them to appear in your garland. You can create a pattern or just pull in the next random color as you feed your strips through your sewing machine.

3. Lastly feed each piece through your sewing machine while using a continuous thread. This will produce a long strand of the paper strips that will likely spin on their thread axis which makes a fun effect when hanging throughout the house!

DIY rectangular strip paper garland.jpg