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DIY: boot tray with BOGS Footwear

Spring's not quite over yet and not sure about you but I am still in the midst of finishing up our gardening, planting and landscaping as the weather has been a little dicey here in Columbus this spring. While the blooms are underway, I still have loads to do in the backyard to clear out some overgrowth, prune up some of our bushes, and of course the constant weeding that feels like it never ends!

Earlier in the season our friends at BOGS Footwear sent over a pair of boots that we tried out for spring. I have to be honest, I already own a pair of Hunter boots and have been pretty content with them so I wasn't sure if adding another pair to my stash would be worth it. But I was happily mistaken when I tried out these boots as they were much sturdier and thicker, a little shorter and wider (which made getting in and out of them quickly while walking in and out of my studio while potting a breeze), and overall were much better gardening boots than my Hunters. While I will keep my Hunters around for rainy days (because they're great rain boots), I definitely plan to keep these BOGS stored in my studio for easy access when heading outdoors. And I can't wait to show them off when we go berry picking next week and of course apple and pumpkin picking in the fall! And they will hold up well with a nice thick pair of socks for the lovely snowy winters we get here in Ohio. Great for all seasons!

Now check out this simple and easy boot tray we created to hold our dirty boots while they dry out in the studio!

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  • 1" thick Plywood (one 24" x 14" piece for bottom, two 25" x 2" pieces, two 14" x 2" pieces for sides)
  • Garden rocks
  • 4 swivel casters with screws
  • Wood glue
  • Nails and hammer or screws and screw driver
  • Drill
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wood finish if desired
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1. Set the base down on a stable surface. Use wood glue on the edges of the 2" side pieces and attach around the base piece of plywood to create a large box/ tray.

2. Use nails or screws to secure sides of tray around the bottom base piece. Let the whole tray dry.

3. Once the tray is dry, flip it over bottom side up and screw your casters into the corners of the tray.

4. Paint the top edges of the tray an accent color (or defer if you want to keep it natural). Add a finish to the wood if desired. Let the whole tray dry.

Fill the tray with rocks, tromp around in your boots on a wet afternoon, and let them dry on your new boot tray!

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boot tray DIY with BOGS boots.jpg
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