DIY modern geometric shower curtain | Farm Fresh Therapy for The Nest.jpg

DIY contribution: modern shower curtain for The Nest

When we redid our bathroom 2 years ago we created a larger stall and thus created a smaller opening into our shower. We had a hard time finding a curtain that fit right. While some shower stall curtains came close, we couldn't find any that we really liked. So we ended up making our own. It's way more simple than you would think and is a great beginner sewing project. Customize your curtain with a modern geometric print using a simple potato stamp. Or go with a vintage modern feel with these large graphic flowers like our second shower curtain featured below. A great project for small spaces or those that just want to customize their own home decor! Check out the full tutorial over at The Nest this week!

DIY shower curtain | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg