DIY paper pinwheels | Farm Fresh Therapy for Homedit.jpg

DIY contribution: paper pinwheels for Homedit + A Happy New Year

Holy moly it's 2016 and where did the last year go?! Oh yeah... it was spent raising a little bambino. Wow did that go fast! Evan is a 1 year old now and it's a whole new year! Usually this time of year is spent making resolutions or setting goals for the months to come. The whole new year new goals thing kind of went out the window for us last year as we were bringing home a 2 day old baby on New Year's Eve. That night my milk came in, I slept in 30 minute increments for a total of maybe 2 hours of sleep, and I rang in the New Year with a long hormonal cry while blubbering about how I didn't know how I could do this whole motherhood thing. But the days and nights went by and now after a year we have reached a new normal. We sleep (sometimes), we hang out, we work, and most of all we are a sweet little family of three :)

So this year we have decided to continue to roll with the punches, throw out our grand life plans, and just see where life takes us! So we hope you continue along for the ride. From fun DIY contributions to new room renovations we plan to keep on keepin' on this year with this little creative outlet <3

And P.S.- see the full tutorial for these paper pinwheels over on Homedit!