DIY succulent wall hanging box.jpg

DIY contribution: succulent wall planter for Homedit

It's finally getting to be that time in my pregnancy when the nursery plans are actually starting to become looming. I've been brainstorming a ton but as the weeks are flying by it's time to get serious about a plan for decor (because knowing how long it takes me to get a room ready these days I will surely use the rest of my 17 weeks left to put it together!). One item I picked up for the nursery but found use for in (multiple) other rooms of the house was this fun hexagon shelf from Target. I wanted to do a few in the nursery to hold some little plants or trinkets but also made great use of one as a vertical wall planter for our playroom. With a few simple steps we hacked this unfinished shelf to become a great green accent piece for our space where we spend the most time as a family. To check out how we made it, see the full tutorial over on Homedit! And keep an eye out for upcoming nursery plans and hopefully a reveal before I pop this one out!