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DIY: cork board wall covering

As we are (finally) finishing up the studio I am tackling little last touch projects slowly one by one. When walking down into the studio there are 2 large windows separated by about 7 inches of wall space. We needed this as a support beam for the structure of the room but the blank space has always bothered me. Because of all the windows and shelving in the room there was little room for a real life pin board. I love my internet pin boards but there is something so cathartic about ripping out pages of inspiration in magazines or finding beautiful prints on cards to display. I had something in my old office but couldn't fit it in this new space so I decided to turn that awkward sliver of wall space into a pin board for all those little inspirational cards, photos, magazine cut outs, fabrics that are on my radar. Read on for how we easily turned the wall into a pin board without making it a permanent solution...

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-large board that fits your wall space (measure for dimensions and have cut at your local hardware store)

-tube of liquid nails

-caulk gun

-ruler/ straight edge

-cutting mat

-rotary cutter

-cork board (we used 2 packs of 4 from the craft store)

-push pins (we used T pins)

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1. Start by measuring the width and length of your board

2. Cut your cork board down to size with your rotary cutter, straight edge and cutting mat. You can also do this more efficiently by using a table saw and cutting a stack of 3-4 at once.

3. Once your cork is cut to size, apply liquid nails with the caulk gun to the wooden board and place the cork on the board. Let dry overnight.

4. Lastly, screw the board into the wall where you want it. This will allow you to remove it all later by just unscrewing a few screws.

Get collecting and pinning those pretty pictures and patterns!

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corkboard wall DIY | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg