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DIY: drum shade with i like that lamp

We are in the sloooowwww process of updating our living room and I finally can officially check a project off my list! I found this great pair of vintage lamps many many years ago at a little second hand shop in our town (crazy story, I bought one first and then went back almost a year later and the other one was still there!) and I love love love them. When we redid our living room we decided that since we didn't have a place to put the lamps symmetrically that we would pair it down to just one (don't worry we kept the other one in storage). I had previously had a floral shade on the lamp but it was a little too feminine for our new living room. We are trying to keep it a little more simplistic and masculine (although I am probably failing at that because it feels eclectic boho… guess I just can't deny my love for feminine accents!) so I decided to toss the floral shade. I searched for hours for the perfect drum shade for the lamp and just couldn't find anything I liked for the right price. I've had this problem in the past and the DIY lampshade kits and supplies from i like that lamp have always saved me (see the one we made for Evan's room here). So after browsing through my huge fabric stash, I found a beautiful vintage fabric that I love and got my supplies from i like that lamp. A few steps later and I have the perfect customized lampshade way within our budget!

See the full DIY and make sure to keep i like that lamp in mind for any of your lighting needs! They have a wide variety of shade supplies as well as other DIY lighting supplies!

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Before you order your supplies, make sure to measure your lamp to pick out your shade size. You can customize all these supplies to make your own shade size- that's why I love this route for a lampshade! For this lamp I already had a harp and finial so I took my measurements off that and opted for a slightly shorter shade to show off the curves of this lamp.

Once you have your supplies you can easily put your shade together. Quick instructions are included with the supplies but here is our step by step so you get the idea!

1. Lay out the fabric on a large flat even surface. Make sure your fabric is free of wrinkles or kinks. Measure how much styrene you need (your diameter of the rings plus a little extra for over hang). Cut the Styrene and peel back one edge. Start at one side of the fabric and roll and press the styrene across the fabric to adhere them together (like interfacing for sewing).

2. At least one of the edges should have some fabric over hang (about 1/2"), as well as each side (I like to use about 1"). You will cut your fabric around the styrene leaving these allowances.

3. Glue the small edges of the fabric down on the styrene that will be your outer seam. Leave the wide edges alone for now.

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4. Place the ring down on the wide edges and line up the styrene around it. Use your clips to attach the wire rings to the styrene to create a drum shade. Line everything up before you go on to gluing.

5. When things are lined up, glue the fabric edges on the top and bottom of the shade around the wire ring. Use the stick to seal down the fabric tightly against the styrene. Move the clips only when you are gluing in the area. Replace them once you're done gluing. Glue the edges that overlap.

Let the shade sit overnight and remove the clips once the glue has dried and voila! you have your shade!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.