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DIY: easy thrifted planters

The weather is warming in Columbus and it's time to get out the gardening gear! I planted our herb garden last weekend and wanted to share it with you last week, but then my computer vs. iced tea incident happened so it has delayed me some. We have had beautiful weather here the last few weeks, but had a frost (hopefully the last) last night.

Due to a small backyard that contains mostly patio and deck, we have what feels like limited space to plant. So I tend to use planters for a lot of our herbs and vegetables. I love finding interesting things to plant in. Last year I used a lot of repurposed tins, but unfortunately the sun faded them out by the end of the season.

I hit up the thrift shop this year for some metal potting selections that I could drill into to ensure water drainage (I did not do this for some of my plants last year and it led to a quick demise). The colanders are my favorite, no prep or drilling involved, just plant and water!

If you decide to use planters that need a drainage hole, to add one is very simple.

Flip over the container

Hold it tightly

Put pressure on the drill and drill down into the container

I always drill from the bottom into the container, that way if you have metal sticking out after drilling, it will be covered by the dirt. If you do it the opposite direction it will make your planter tipsy when you set it on a flat surface or scratch up the deck.

For our lettuce and some more of the herbs, I like to use large galvanized bins that I can plant deep down into to ensure that the bunnies can't snoop. The one scalloped bin pictured here we pulled out of a barn last fall.

This is my favorite part of gardening- getting creative with the planters!

Happy gardening!

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