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DIY: faux terrarium

Want an outdoor terrarium that lasts all year?

This easy faux no care terrarium doesn't use any live plants so it allows for no watering and can be kept in any climate. I created this one to sit on our front porch for the rest of the season. I chose a container with a lid to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the terrarium (a $1.99 find from the thrift store!).



dirt (the dryer the better to decrease fogging inside the container)

glass globs


faux moss (available at craft stores and the dollar store)

a fun piece to center inside the terrarium- a faux flower, eucalyptus, anything that fits your fancy

To assemble- place your dirt in your container and layer on rocks and glass globs. Arrange your other items as desired and find a sweet spot for your rustic little creation!

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faux terrarium.jpg