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DIY: felt and leather triangle mobile

We have been going for a modern eclectic theme for baby m's nursery. We have been doing a lot of DIY and handmade to help redo this room on a budget. So for his mobile I decided to make one myself. Using scraps of felt and leather that I had in my scrap bin, I easily crafted this little mobile to hang over his crib. Loving how easy it was and how it turned out!

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-scraps of felt

-scraps of leather

-scraps of heavy fabric


-embroidery thread

-embroidery hoop

-sewing machine

-cutting supplies (scissors or straight edge, cutting mat and rotary cutter)


1. Cut varying sizes of scrap leather, felt, and heavy fabric in all types of colors and textures.

2. Lay out the triangles in lines to make your mobile strands arranging your triangles in your desired pattern

3. Sew all the triangles together on one strand, spacing between each triangle. You will likely have to stop after a little bit of sewing to push through the next triangle under the foot. You may also want to use a heavy duty needle for the leather if it is really thick (although I used my regular needle for this without problem). Cut off the excess thread at the top and bottom of the strands.

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4. Attach each strand to the embroidery hoop by using a long piece of embroidery thread threaded on to a needle. Thread the embroidery thread through the top triangle and even out the excess on both sides. Knot at the top of the triangle.

5. With both excess ends of the thread, pull them up and wrap around and knot at the embroidery hoop. Make sure to leave lots of excess as you will need it for the top. Repeat with the rest of the strands to attach them all to the hoop.

6. Slip knot all the excess thread at the top of the embroidery hoop to make a hook for your mobile.

7. Hang your mobile in place and even out the desired length by undoing the slip knot. Once you have figured out how low/ high you want it to hang, retie a knot at the top of the mobile. If needed you can thread a bead on the mobile before you knot it to tuck in the excess thread from the end of the knot.

Hang, admire and enjoy. Make sure to keep out of reach of baby so that it doesn't get pulled down and of course remove the mobile once baby can grab or reach it for safety.

DIY triangle mobile | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY felt and leather triange mobile | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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