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DIY: floating frame

Over the summer during one of our Saturday evening strolls I picked up this colorful and fun graphic concert poster by local artist Nicholas Nocera (co-owner of Alison Rose located in Clintonville). The poster was great but the skinny size left me at odds as to how I could frame and hang it. I thought about the old vintage wooden coat hanger trick but I worried about it getting ripped or pulled down since it was to go in the family room and Evan is a decoration terrorist. So it sat in my studio until last week when the idea struck me to put it in a simple vintage frame with 2 pieces of glass on either side (as to avoid matting in a traditional frame) to create a floating frame! This was super easy (see below for the how to). I love the way the vintage frame looks with the graphic poster and it definitely helps complete our gallery wall (while adding a bit of local pride to our eclectic mix on the wall)!

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To create this simple floating frame we first found a vintage frame and then...

1. Take measurements of your frame (for the insert pieces)

2. Head to your local hardware store and ask them to cut you 2 pieces of glass to your specific measurements

3. Dust off/ clean the glass. Set one piece into the frame

4. Center your poster or art in the center of the frame

5. Stick double sided tape (or a couple of loops of masking tape) on the backside of the poster

6. Hold the poster in place and gently slip the second piece of glass down on top of the poster

7. Secure the glass in place with the attachments on the back of the frame

Voila! Super easy. Now just hang in place on your wall to display your easily framed art!

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