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DIY: floral arrangement centerpiece

I found this gorgeous bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe's for $6 a few weeks back. We used the flowers originally for our table shoot with the newest Midwest Woods table, but later in the day as I prepared my budget Thanksgiving table post (because I am not hosting this year and really enjoy playing house in my own home), I used the stems for my centerpiece and supplemented with a few magnolia stems from the front yard.

I found this awesome gold planter at the thrift store for $4.99 and couldn't live without it. It was the perfect vessel for my centerpiece but is extremely low. I used a flower frog to keep the the stems in place, cut the stems to size and arranged them in the frog (using the heavy floral bursts in the center and arranging the leafy greens around), and then filled the planter with glass globes on top of the frog to weight down the stems and keep the whole arrangement from toppling over.

To give it height I added a few books beneath. Quick, easy, cheap and pretty!

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