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DIY: gathered fabric camera strap

This past fall we upgraded our camera to a full frame Nikon. Since we got the new camera I have been wanting to make myself a new strap (as well as find a more stylish camera bag but that's another topic). I wanted something really colorful and comfortable. I have seen a few DIY projects turning a scarf into a camera strap but I don't have any scarves I wanted to sacrifice for this project just incase it didn't turn into something I wanted to use so I decided to use some leftover fabric instead.

I picked a light almost transparent patterned fabric. This fabric is vintage floral that I picked up at an antique mall last spring. I used most of the fabric for our bedroom curtains but had a little bit leftover that was the perfect size for this project. It was between this piece and some voile fabrics I had on hand (although they weren't quite the length that I wanted. Any voile would work well for this as these fabrics are pretty transparent as well so they look nice gathered.

Read on for how we made it...

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-1/4 to 1/2 yard of light fabric


-fabric scissors

-sewing machine


-swivel hooks

-tape measure


1. Layout and cut your fabric to size. Fabric can be sized as desired but here we used a piece that was 20" wide and approximately 40" long (so you can create this with less than a yard of fabric so long as the width on the fabric is long enough). You can size to make it so that your camera hangs just above the waist so this may vary depending on your height.

2. Fold your fabric in half length wise to make a long strip. Turn inside out and pin together

3. Sew the fabric inside out to create a tube

4. Pull the fabric right side out through the open ends

5. Gather the fabric at the ends and fold down small enough to fit through the swivel hook. Fold over the hook and pin

6. Sew the gathered fabric over the swivel hook. Here we used a star patterned stitch which improves the integrity of the stitch and makes it less likely that a stitch will break with the weight of the camera. If you don't have other stitch options on your machine you may want to straight stitch back and forth a few times.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side of the strap and clip your hooks onto you camera once you're done to enjoy your new project!

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scrap fabric camera strap.jpg