glitter pumpkin DIY.jpg

DIY: glitter pumpkin

Give some glam to your pumpkin in a few easy steps...


pumpkin (I used a pie pumpkin but you could use any size or color pumpkin or gourd)

glitter (I used the Martha Stewart essential glitter which covers very well)

white glue

paint brush

paper plate

1. Paint your pumpkin in glue- you can either use the gravity and natural curves of the pumpkin to create a pattern like the example above or cover the entire pumpkin

2. With a paper plate beneath, add your glitter evenly over the glue (excess glitter can be put back in your glitter container after you are finished if you use the paper plate to catch it)

3. Clean your paint brush and use it while slightly wet to clean up any details that you need to perfect your pumpkin

4. Let dry for up to 12 hours

Quick & easy.

P.S.- handy tip, don't let your fat cat sit on your glitter, you will be cleaning it up for days

pumpkin before.jpg
martha stewart glitter.jpg
pumpkin glue project.jpg
glue pumpkin.jpg
glitter pumpkin cat.jpg
glitter pumpkin.jpg
glitter pumpkin DIY.jpg