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DIY: hanging wire lamp

I love finding new uses for old things. When browsing a flea market recently I stumbled upon these circular wire baskets. I knew instantly I wanted to turn them over and make them into lights. Now it was just a matter of figuring out how.

I have to say that it is easier than I had originally thought it would be to make these. And the circular baskets can be substituted for any wire basket, no matter the size or shape.

Supplies- wire basket, lamp cord set available at Ikea, edison-style bulb available from West Elm, and wire cutters

Now the only difficult part is to measure and cut the circle that you will need for your cord set. I did this by measuring around the top side of the lamp set and cutting out what looks like a little throwing star from the center of the wire basket. You can then thread your cord set plug side up through the hole, screw in your bulb, and you're done. That easy!

(I love quick and easy!)

Hang and enjoy!

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