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DIY: IKEA mirror hack

After a year of being in the upstairs bedroom of our little bungalow in what is probably the tiniest master bedroom ever, we have finally gotten around to sprucing up the place. We had originally painted the room white thinking it would lighten things up but boy were we wrong! It made the room feel pretty bare, cold and just looked odd with the hodge podge of furniture that we have to have in order to store all of our clothes. We bead boarded the ceiling a few months ago and at the same time decided on a trendy dark color for the walls and it was perfect! Just what this space needed. When we put the room back together the mirror that was previously above the dresser (with a black frame) felt small and meek. This space needed something a little more regal. I first searched for a vintage beveled mirror but got a little sticker shock at some of the prices (and boy are they hard to find!). I was at Anthro and saw some hanging mirrors and liked that idea. Something round would definitely have to do though. I settled on an Ikea mirror but it was too boring by itself. I added a little rope to mimic those rope hanging mirrors that are all over Pinterest (and apparently are mostly DIY's so this post is not original although I honestly had not seen a tutorial yet until I searched just now- oops!). This project was pretty darn easy and very budget friendly. While it isn't the fanciest of dresser tops I really like the neutral organic modern look it adds above our lovely walnut dresser. Read on for the quick tutorial!

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  • Ikea Mirror
  • Rope
  • 2 Large Eye Hooks
  • Drill
  • Ruler or tape measure
DIY Ikea Mirror Hack.jpg


1. Turn the mirror over and measure two points evenly spaced apart on the mirror (even distance from the center where the other hook is)

2. Drill a hole at each of the points that you marked

3. Screw the large eye hooks into the holes

4. Tie rope at one end and thread through the eye hooks and tie again on the other end

Hang your mirror on a nail or screw in the wall by the back hook. Then pull the rope upwards and place a nail at the center to give the appearance the the mirror is hanging (this will help support it's weight). Hang and you're all done!

hanging wall mirror DIY.jpg
DIY hanging wall mirror.jpg