DIY knife block with skewers

Years ago when Kiel and I first moved in together, his mother took us shopping to Bed Bath & Beyond. Kiel was looking for a knife block but ended up coming home empty handed. The thing about Kiel is that if he can't find something dirt cheap, he will not buy it. Instead he will make it.

So a few months later, we still had no place for our knives. I kept nagging him about it and he told me he had a plan. A couple weeks later he came home with this odd box he had constructed at work. He made it out of a shipping box that ended up in a scrap wood pile. He constructed the box at an angle just as a knife block would be shaped. He then filled the "block" with skewers. We were able to stick our knives in just like those fancy "stick your knife anywhere" knife blocks in stores at a fraction of the cost.

I called this post a DIY, which it was. Unfortunately I have no photographs of the construction. But my thought process evolved to the idea that any type of box can hold skewers and serve as a repurposed knife block.

This piece is one of the most complimented pieces in our kitchen and best of all it was dirt cheap, simple to make, and easy to use.