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DIY: leather notebook

Anyone else have trouble finding Valentine's day gifts for guys? Some past years I have ditched a gift altogether (and let him off the hook too!) because finding something to give to your beau can be quite the challenge.

Recently I have been playing around with leather after purchasing a big beautiful hide last spring. I have been wanting to craft a little notebook for a while but already have tons of journals and have no use for another one. And then I realized that Kiel had recently lost the one I got him last year for Christmas that he used for design ideas and sketching. So I made this one and customized it with his business logo.

This project was really quick and easy. Make one for yourself or your beau in no time! Read on for the instructions...

DIY leather notebook tutorial | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg


-small piece of leather


-embroidery thread

-yarn (optional)

-plain paper


-straight edge with measure


1. Fold your paper in half and place on your leather. Measure and cut out a piece of leather that is approximately 0.5-1inch larger than your paper around the border.

Here we used 8.5x11in computer paper so our piece of leather was approximately 9.5x12in

2. Create the notebook binding by sewing down the center of your paper and leather with a needle and thick embroidery thread. We used a plain stitch and stitched twice up and down the book.

3. Lastly we customized the book with a stamp on the inside cover page. Get creative by adding a pocket, an embroidered design, or embossed words to the front leather page.

We finished off ours by wrapping with yarn (fed through the threaded binding) to keep the notebook closed.

All done and ready for wrapping (or maybe I will just keep this one after all...).

Happy making!

leather notebook DIY | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
leather notebook tutorial | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
DIY leather notebook | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg