DIY letter garland

This month has been filled with birthday celebrations. This past weekend we celebrated a few of them at my mother's. I made a this quick and easy birthday garland to put up at the party. I have made a bunch of these for our wedding and other past celebrations and they are pretty simple to put together.

Step 1- cut out large circular shapes (3") with a paper cutter (I used a scalloped shape from Michael's) out of various colored cardstock

Step 2- hole punch 2 holes at the top of each circle, about 1/2 inch apart (and set aside the punched out holes for confetti later... but I have been collecting for about 2 years and probably have just enough to fill 1 birthday envelope...)

Step 3- arrange your cutouts in the color pattern of your desire and stamp on your letters (I purchased my set from Joann's years ago but this set could work as well)

Step 4- thread a 1/2 inch fabric ribbon through your holes at the top of the letters and arrange your letters on the garland as needed

Hang up and celebrate!

hb 3.jpg
happy birthday banner.jpg