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DIY: magnetic wood veneer organization clips

Inspired by this wood veneer tape from Anthropologie, these simple little DIYclips step it up a notch with a magnetic back and label. I made a few for the fridge to help keep me organized and gives me a place for those little extra inspirational pieces that would normally sit stagnant in my junk drawer (like a few paint chips and inspiration for baby m's room). Kiel loves anything wood grain so enjoyable aesthetic is an added extra! Read on for the full tutorial!

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-balsa wood strips

-short wooden clothes pins

-magnetic strip

-walnut stain (I went with walnut here because the dark color is perfect for fall, feel free to use whatever stain you prefer!)

-hot glue gun


-small alphabet stamp set

-white stamp ink

veneer clip tutorial.jpg


1. Start by measuring your desired length and width of the balsa wood. The wood should be long enough to cover each clip fully (we used the clip and marked from there for cuts)

2. Cut down the balsa wood with a saw to your specified measurements

3. Stain each of the wood pieces with your stain and let dry per instructions on your stain. If you prefer not to use stain you could apply a simple clear varnish instead.

veneer clip how to.jpg

4. Cut a piece of magnetic strip to the size of the clip and attach to the clip with hot glue. Let dry

5. Hot glue the clip (with magnet on the back) to the balsa wood and let dry

6. Lastly add (if desired) labels for each clip with stamped letters and an ink pad. Let the ink dry completely before using the clips

Use for inspiration, paint chips, upcoming show fliers, or whatever else you want to hang/ display!

wood organization clip tutorial | farm fresh therapy.jpg
wooden organization clips | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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wood organization clips | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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