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DIY: mobile garden box planter

So our backyard is totally torn up due to our current craft room/ studio renovation. We used to plant herbs in a little area around the old deck but as everything is ripped out we had to figure out a new solution for our herbs. I had this old box that I picked up for a few dollars at habitat a few summers back that has been sitting in the garage. I decided to turn it into a rolling planter box as I am still a bit unsure where everything will shake out landscape wise with the addition. This easily movable box allows me to roll the plants around the yard with ease, is high enough to avoid critters, and took less than 20 minutes to make!


-1 large wooden box (keep in mind if using wood it will eventually rot through unless you use treated wood- this wood was not treated and probably only has a few years on it)

-4 casters


-drill with phillips attachment and 3/4 inch drill bit

-rocks or gravel

-large bag of potting soil



1. Start by drilling a few holes for drainage in the bottom of the box with the 3/4 inch drill bit

2. Screw casters into the 4 corners of the box- use swivel casters, they will make moving the box around much easier!

3. Fill the box with rocks or gravel for drainage- approximately 1/5 to 1/4th of the way of the box

4. Fill the rest of the box with potting soil

5. Plant herbs and water

I stocked mine full of herbs, but if you're planting perennials you may want to plan just a few as they will likely spread throughout the box. Make sure to place (or move into) a sunny spot for around 6 hours per day and ensure that it is in an area that can get water or water daily if under a roof overhang.

Happy planting!

DIY herb planter box | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY mobile box planter instructions | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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mobile box herb planter | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY mobile herb planter | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY box herb planter | farm fresh therapy.jpg