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DIY: mountain pillow

Baby m's nursery may be done but I am in nesting mode and can't stop with the sewing projects lately. Finishing up those little extras for the nursery! I saw these adorable mountain pillows on Etsy a few months ago and decided to craft one myself to save a little money. It was actually pretty simple and required no cost since I already had all of the fabrics in my stash. Here are the instructions on how to make your own. Perfect for a rustic or adventurous nursery or kid's room!

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-dark gray fabric

-white felt

-thick black thread or pearl cotton

-fabric scissors


-sewing machine



1. With your fabric folded in half, cut a mountain shape. Use an online template if desired or just free hand it like we did here. Make sure to make the tops rounded to leave enough room for seams. They will get more pointed when you sew them.

2. Using the white felt, cut a white rounded top with a jagged bottom edge for "snow" as we did here.

3. Leaving the "snow" and the bottom mountain face up, pull out the bottom mountain shape and put face down on top. Pin everything in place.

DIY mountain pillow step 2.jpg

4. Sew around the mountain leaving an opening at the bottom to turn right side out.

5. Turn the pillow case right side out which will reveal the "snow" which should be attached at the top points of the mountain.

6. Using a needle and thicker black embroidery thread, stitch along the bottom jagged edge of the "snow".

7. Lastly, use batting to stuff the pillow and the rest of your black thread to stitch up the bottom hole that was left open.

Find a place in your nursery or kid's room for this cute little pillow!

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mountain pillow DIY | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg