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DIY: narrow sofa table for Homedit

The best DIY projects are the ones that truly solve problems and make your every day life just a little better or easier. This narrow sofa table project did just that for us. We like to spend our evenings unwinding on the couch (when time allows) and catching up on a few DVR'd shows. Sometimes there is a baby joining us (like now while I write this) and often both Kiel and I have computer work to catch up on after a long day. This probably sounds pathetic but having to reach over to the coffee table to grab remotes, a drink, or snack is always just a pain in the rear. Especially when you have the baby positioned just right and don't want to move him! While you're sitting in the corner struggling to reach for your snack, your computer dies. Ugh! Now we have to crawl behind the sofa to plug in the charger.

Now here comes the sofa table concept! Kiel and I were discussing some kind of ledge to hold our drinks to go on the back of the sofa when we had the idea to just build this skinny table and throw in an outlet so that there is no crazy reaching. Kiel had some walnut in the basement and away we went measuring (to customize the size) and cutting. I love love love it. So happy with this project. See the full how to to make your own project over on Homedit this week!

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