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DIY: no-sew pillow covers

Want to add a little DIY pep to your home décor? Here is another fun home project that is certain to spruce up for Spring. With less than a yard of fabric and fabric fuse, create a new toss pillow in just a few easy steps!


-fabric (enough to cover your pillow)

-pillow form

-fabric fuse



-ironing board

-measuring tape



1. Measure and cut the fabric for an envelope pillowcase

2. Iron the fabric

3. Fabric fuse the ends of your rectangular envelope pillow pattern

4. Working right side up, over the ends of the pillow to create your fabric envelope

5. Working inside out, fuse the sides of the pillow

6. Turn your pillow cover right side out and fit over your pillow

no sew pillow case | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY no-sew pillow cover tutorial instructions | farm fresh therapy.jpg

Measure your pillow insert and cut a rectangular piece of fabric large enough to cover the pillow and create an envelope case.

Iron your fabric

Using fabric fuse , create hems at the end of your fabric rectangle. To create the hem, place the fabric fuse on the end piece, pull off the protective strip and fold over.

no sew DIY pillow cover tutorial instructions | farm fresh therapy.jpg

Next measure where your seams will be for the envelope style cover. Use the pillow for guidance in folding over the sides.

Once your sides are matched up, fuse the seam on each end with your fabric fuse. Make sure to press down hard to fully seal the seam!

Seal the envelope part of the seam with another strip of fabric fuse.

Flip the cover inside out and marvel at your new pillow cover- you are done! By squeezing your pillow insert at the center, open the cover and stick your pillow inside!

Find the perfect place for your new toss pillow. Make a few more to go around the house.

no sew pillow cases | farm fresh therapy.jpg
no-sew DIY pillow cases tutorial | farm fresh therapy.jpg
colorful no sew pillow cases | farm fresh therapy.jpg
colorful no-sew pillow cases | farm fresh therapy.jpg