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DIY: ohio anthro tote

I purchased one of those $5 totes from Anthro a few months ago and have had it sitting in my craft room since. Although it has a bit of a pattern to it, I wanted to dress it up more to make it my own. I decided to add an Ohio with some fabric I had stashed away from Sew to Speak.

I found an Ohio printout years ago that I have printed and handy for projects. It turned out to be the perfect size for this bag. Ohio can be substituted for any state or shape.

Step 1- Trace & Cut

Place the cutout print face down on fabric that is pattern side down. Trace the pattern and cutout.

Step 2- Pin & Sew

Pin the pattern to the front side of the tote and sew a 0.5 inch boarder around. I found that my bag was pretty stiff and needed some kneading prior to pinning and sewing. This helped to better maneuver the bag around the bottom of the machine without sewing through both sides (which I almost did more than a few times).

Step 3- Fill & Show off

I am using mine for my magazines and IPad. Already catching compliments on it!

ohio tote prep.jpg
ohio cutouts.jpg
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DIY ohio anthro tote| farm fresh therapy.jpg