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DIY: paint dipped pinecone garland

I gathered these little pinecones at the beginning of the fall and have been hoarding them in my craft room while trying to figure out a plan of them. I have seen some of these dipped pinecones around lately (and in fact made some large ones last year for our dining table holiday centerpiece), but the ones I gathered were naturally fallen and a bit small. I decided on making this simple little garland for our master bedroom fireplace.

To make:

1. Dip pinecones in paint and let them dry- to really get the best results, dry by hanging them upside down. I am lazy and just let them dry on the table after I dipped them (I think they turned out fine). I dipped a few in Martha's metallic paints available at Michael's, and the rest in various sample Valspar paints from Lowe's.

2. After the pinecones dry, you can create your garland by wrapping twine around each pine cone at the base. I wrapped and tied the twine tightly around each one and left some excess at the ends to hang.

They work perfectly for our rustic inspired holiday decor and to (finally!) dress up this mantle!

gold dipped pine cone | farm fresh therapy.jpg
painted pinecones | farm fresh therapy.jpg
dipped pinecones | farm fresh therapy.jpg
paint dipped pinecone gardland.jpg
dipped pinecone garland | farm fresh therapy.jpg