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DIY: pillowfort box hack

I have been absolutely loving these wood bins from the new Target Pillowfort brand that launched this past winter. I picked up a few with anticipation of using them in the nursery but they just so happened to fit perfectly into the white bookshelf we have in the playroom area. They neatly sort out Evan's toys and make it easy for him to access whatever he fancies play with at the time. After a few weeks I started to feel like although I loved the boxes, the back corner was a little drab. I decided to add a little color (inspired by the whole "add a little paint to the bottom of a basket" fad). I picked a bold teal and carefully painted the edges of each box as to not overwhelm the space but make the boxes feel a little more dimensional. Even my husband noticed the difference and said how much better they looked. Easiest hack ever!

pillowfort wood bin makeover.jpg
DIY painted pillowfort boxes.jpg
pillowfort box hack.jpg
DIY Pillowfort Box Makeover.jpg
DIY pillowfort box paint hack.jpg
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painted pillowfort boxes.jpg
painted pillowfort box hack.jpg