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DIY: repurposed suitcase holder

A few years ago I picked up this vintage suitcase holder that I have been hanging on to forever. It's the perfect size to use for photoshoots or as an extra side table (or to pull out on the porch to hold extra supplies during parties). It started out a little shabby and beat up but after some TLC, some leftover leather and a little inspiration from this CB2 bench I was able to turn this piece into a multipurpose (and easily fold to store) side table!

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  • Old suitcase holder
  • Leather hide
  • Sewing scissors
  • Straight edge with measure
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • White spray paint
  • Decor tacks
  • Hammer
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1. Remove the original straps off the suitcase holder and disassemble. Clean the wood frame if needed and spray with white spray paint. Set aside to let dry.

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2. Next measure and cut your leather to size (according to the measurements of the suitcase holder). Make sure to cut enough to have a little overhang on the sides of the holder where you will place your tacks.

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3. Once your frame is dry, lay out the suitcase holder flat on your leather. Fold the leather over the sides and hammer in your decor tacks. This should finish up your piece.

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Fold up to store or open up and use as a side table base. It can hold larger sturdy items but if you want to place fragile or items with liquid on food, place a board or tray across the base.

leather suitcase holder DIY | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
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leather suitcase holder side table | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg