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DIY: rustic log taper candle centerpiece

I have have been loving the rustic inspired table decor lately. A few weeks ago I created these little log place card holders and still had a large majority of the stick leftover. I decided to create a centerpiece for my Mother's Thanksgiving dinner coming up soon. My mother loves gold so I picked up a few taper candle sticks at World Market. Here are the instructions...


-taper candles


-7/8ths drill bit for a standard tapered candle

-drill or drill press (we used our press as it is a bit more sturdy but this can easily be created with a hand drill)

-wax buttons (also available at World Market)

1. First gather your supplies and ensure that you have the correct size drill bit. You can practice on a piece of scrap wood by drilling holes and seeing if your candle sticks fit. Measure your stick's bottom to see how far deep you will need to drill.

2. Mark the places where you want to drill on your wood with X's and then drill (for a standard taper size you drill about 1 inch down (or depress the drill bit about 2x it's size).

3. Check with your taper for size. I bought an extra taper candle just incase of breaks or scraps when testing size. I tend to always end up bending one of my tapers the wrong way so it was worth the investment to not have to go out and buy another one. Seal your tapers in place with the wax buttons and you are done!

An easy DIY project that works great as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and can replace an overflowing floral arrangement!

log candle centerpiece DIY | farm fresh therapy.jpg
rustic log candle holder | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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