california onsie.jpg

DIY: scrap fabric state onesie

This onesie is super easy to make and makes a great personalized baby shower gift. The one photographed is for a pregnant friend who is from California (she got an Ohio one too earlier). Here are the steps...

1. Pick a state (or whatever shape you want to applique) and print out an outline. I did this using google and typed in "(state) outine" and then printed. The shape should be not much more than 2.5 inches tall for a 3-6 month onesie (you can change sizes depending on the size of the onsie

2. Gather supplies:

your state cutout

good scissors that cut well (I prefer Ginghers)

an erasable fabric marker

a piece of scrap fabric

your onesie (I used a 5 pack of unisex Gerber onesies size 3-6 months from Target)

3. Trace & cutout your state (make sure to flip your cutout over if you are tracing your state on the back of the fabric)

4. Pin & appliqué your state- this is always the trickiest part as the state is so tiny and the onesie is so small (try removing the platform off the base of the machine to more easily maneuver the onsie around)

5. Cut off your threads and congrats- you have created a personalized onesie!

onsie cut out.jpg
california cutout.jpg
onsie applique sewing.jpg