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DIY: simple branch wreath for cards

We are doing our best this year to limit the fake greenery and to spruce up the home for the holidays with real fresh greens. I wanted to add a little something to our bedroom door that leads into the dining room, so I went with this simple wishbone style wreath.

To create:

1. Gather 2 large branches and fresh cut the ends (run under water while giving them the fresh cut)

2. Secure ends together with wire- this will eventually be covered so any color will do, make sure to use rather pliable wire that is easy to wrap around the ends

3. Cover your wire with jute with a long enough string to hang the wreath (you can place a nail in the door or use the string attached to a weight on the other side of the door- I used a mini liquor bottle for my weight and it managed to hold the wreath fine)

4. Hang your wreath and deck it out with postcards or circular cutouts of your favorite old Christmas cards- this is an easy way to reuse/ preserve old cards (attach with clothes pins- I used washi tape on my pins to dress them up a bit)

The branch wreath should last a few weeks depending on the type of greenery you use. If the branches begin to wilt try giving them another fresh cut.

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