copper pipe side table DIY | farm fresh therapy.jpg

DIY: small space copper pipe side table

We have certainly begun to run out of space here in our home. Too much stuff I suppose? One of the few consequences of living with a furniture maker (oh trust me there are more downsides to this than one may think!)? Or perhaps I just need to stop hoarding. Anyways... when we were redoing our bedroom a few months ago I really wanted a plant stand with a pop. I picked up a few other small ones second hand but needed something taller for the space I wanted to use it. So I decided to try out my furniture making skills and crafted this little plant stand with copper pipe. It is small but definitely a great piece and works almost anywhere in the house. I kept it pretty neutral with a bluish/ white top, but you could have some fun customizing that part. It has been in both our bedroom, guest room, and now porch. So basically it just follows me to whichever room I am in at that time because of its versatility. Check out the full tutorial I wrote for Brit + Co. and make one for every room in your house!

copper pipe side table | farm fresh therapy.jpg
copper pipe plant table | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY copper pipe side table | farm fresh therapy.jpg