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DIY: sweater coffee sleeve

I used to have the softest sweater coffee sleeve from the former Caribou Coffee, but lost it some place in the black hole of my car (I really try to be organized but believe it or not I am not always so successful!). Now that the weather is cool and it is hot coffee time, I decided to make another reusable sleeve. I wanted the cozy sweater feel of my former sleeve, so I literally used a sweater sleeve to fashion this one. Read on for the instructions...


*Small sweater (make sure the sleeve is small- it will stretch and you don't want it too loose)

*Sewing machine or needle & thread if you want to sew by hand

*Ribbon, buttons, or whatever else you want to use to embellish your sleeve- this is optional

1. Cut the sleeve off the sweater- approximately 5 inches wide

2. Fold the sleeve in half so that your ends are together- this will create a sleeve that is approximately 2.5 inches wide

3. Sew along the edges of the sleeve, once you are finished you can move the sewn portion to the middle of the inside of the sleeve so that it is hidden

4. Add extras as desired- I used some green trim and a button to fix the trim to the sleeve as the trim diameter was not large enough to fit around the sewing machine base. Also keep in mind that adding any strips around the center may lessen the overall diameter of your sleeve so it may not accommodate larger cups.

I love the cozy look and feel of sweaters and they are always in abundance at the local thrift shops, so stay tuned for a few more projects using sweaters this season!

DIY sweater coffee sleeve | farm fresh therapy.jpg