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DIY: toy storage bench

Finishing our finishing touches on Evan's playroom AKA our family room. With the toy surge that occurred during Christmas and Evan's birthday (all in 1 week whew!) we were in desperate need of new toy storage and organization solutions. I finally coaxed Kiel into making me a storage shelf after almost making the plunge on this one from Land of Nod. But to save a couple bucks Kiel was agreeable to making our own. A piece of 3/4" plywood + the wood shop and paint + these awesome 6" tapered mid century style legs (and some angle plates to match) made the perfect custom storage bench for the playroom. Pull out baskets from H&M (we bought these first and built the bench to these measurements) allow us to easily hide toys out of site.

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1. To create your own bench you want to first measure your baskets/ storage bins. Here ours were 11"x11"x11" so we created 12" boxes. Each side piece measured 12"x12" (4 needed). We cut 2 pieces for the top and bottom that both 39"x 12". For the back we cut one large piece 39"x 13.5". Cut your pieces to size or have your hardware store cut your purchased plywood down to size.

2. Assemble your pieces and glue and nail the shelf together. Place the back on last. Let dry

3. Paint the shelf white (ours took a couple coats). Spray paint the legs a fun bold color while waiting for the white paint on the shelf to dry.

4. Flip the shelf upside down and screw the angle plates to the corners (after orienting them in the correct direction). Screw in the taper legs (we had to cut the screw portion down to fit in the angle plates so you may need to do this first).

Turn right side up and you've got yourself a bench!

Leave your shelves open and fill them up with toys and books for display or grab some baskets and get organizing!

DIY kids storage bench.jpg
DIY toy storage bench.jpg
DIY toy storage.jpg
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DIY kids toy storage.jpg
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