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DIY: wall book shelving

To finish up baby m's room we created a couple of shelves to display books, art, and other pieces on the wall above the rocker and mini bookshelf in the nursery. Inspired by these white Ikea bookshelves that have made appearances in a few of the nursery photos I have been pinning. While the Ikea ones are super cheap, we made ours custom to fit our space. Here's how...


-wood glue


-nail gun

-wood (1 inch in thickness, 2 taller pieces measuring 1x3 and one short piece 1x1)

-white paint

-drill with keyhole router bit


1. First we measured our desired dimensions for the shelving

2. Next we cut the wood down to desired size (cut all 3 pieces)

3. Attach the wood together in a U shape with one of the wider pieces on the bottom, one on the back of the shelf, and one on the front of the shelf. Use glue to attach the wood together and secure with nails

4. Clamp the shelf in place while the wood glue dries

5. Use a router to place key holes in the back of the shelf that will attach to the wall

6. To finish, paint the shelves white with a few coats of paint (as needed)

Put up on the wall by measuring the distance between the key holes and place marks up on the wall. Place screws into the wall and hook the key holes for the shelf on to the screws.

Fill up with books for baby!

DIY book shelving.jpg
DIY wall shelving.jpg
DIY wall shelves.jpg
wall book shelving DIY | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY wall book shelving | farm fresh therapy.jpg
wall book shelf DIY | farm fresh therapy.jpg