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DIY: wildflower bouquet

Now that spring has sprung and summer is practically here, our garden is blooming like crazy. All kinds of flowers (some that I didn't even know about) are popping up, begging to be displayed. I usually check out my favorite local spot for florals but decided to create this wildflower bouquet on a whim when heading over to a neighbor's for a housewarming party last weekend.

I used whatever flowers we had popping up- roses, painted daisies, honeysuckle. I then added filler with spearmint, lemonbalm, and lamb's ear from the yard. Anything that you have growing that looks nice will work!

1. Start by cutting stems around the yard and gathering together into a bunch in your hand.

2. Once you have stems aligned to desired shape, cut all the stems together at once at an angle.

3. Hold the stems together and tie with jute

4. Place in a jar with water and enjoy!

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wildflowers .jpg