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DIY: wooden scrapbook

Over the last few weeks we have been sharing the DIY projects we created for baby m's shower. One of the activities that we had at the shower was note writing to baby m. We intended to use the typewriter for friends and family to type up their notes but unfortunately the ribbon was out just in time for the party! So we improvised with handwritten notes instead.

To hold all of these notes I created this wooden scrapbook. I wanted to use wood since Kiel has quite the affinity for this material and I thought it would give a unique look to the book. This project was really quite simple and inexpensive. Since we used binder rings we can add many more pages in the future to hold more photos, cards and notes for baby! Read on for how to create for how to make one...

DIY wood backing scrap book.jpg


-2 thin pieces of plywood



-paint brush

-binder rings

-scrapbook pages

-stickers for the front




1. Start by cutting down your wood to size. Here we used 8 inch scrap book pages (plus 1 inch to left for the holes). We used the scrapbook pages that all came together in a pack as the template

2. Mark on the wood where the holes are for the scrap book pages with a pencil

3. Clamp the wood together and drill holes where you marked

4. Varnish/ stain/ paint your wood as desired. Here we used just a thin application of clear coat to keep the natural light look of the wood

5. Once the varnish is dry, place your scrapbook pages in between the two pieces of wood and slip the a ring in each of the holes

6. Lastly apply your letters to the front of the scrapbook (or embellish as desired- wood burning letters or a logo would be a fun addition!)

For our book we replaced the plain white pages with colorful cuts of scrapbook paper as a backdrop for the notes and cards from friends and family!

wood end scrap book.jpg
DIY wood scrap book | farm fresh therapy.jpg
DIY wooden scrap book.jpg
baby m's DIY scrapbook | farm fresh therapy.jpg