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fall: an easy Thanksgiving table setting

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is seeing a beautifully set table. The holidays are often hurried, and although eating is typically included in most holiday festivities, Thanksgiving is the only holiday that is centered around the meal.

This means the opportunity to create a gorgeous Thanksgiving table. But no matter how many you host, this doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks to have a nice table. Here is an example of mixed and matched place settings with thrifted wears, daily dishes, and an assortment of linens. Using similar colors and patterns, you can create an eclectic setting quickly and on a budget. I put together this setting with items we already had and only had to fork out an extra $12 total for additional pieces (including items for the centerpiece)!

collected silverware.jpg

We were given a nice "standard set" of silverware when Kiel & I moved in together. However I find the set heavy and a bit boring. Over the years I have collected assorted silverware from thrift stores and flea markets to supplement our collection.

thanksgiving table setting.jpg

Table settings can be created with plain dishes and dressed up with interesting place holders or linens. Here we used our basic green Ikea daily dish plates with 15 cent plate bowls found at a thrift store.

While you can get as creative as you want with place settings, I went with even sets- 2 matching sets for the table heads and matching sets for each seat on the side of the table (4 pictured here).

The place holders here were created with fallen tree branches found in the nearby ravine. DIY tutorial to come!

give thanks setting.jpg

The glasses, as well as the dishes, were used in pairs. The head settings have a different set of glassware than the side settings due to limited stock as these wine glasses were sourced at various antique malls.

diy thanksgiving table.jpg
give thanks table setting.jpg

Throw together a low flowing centerpiece (tutorial to come next week) to bring it all together!