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This weekend we are celebrating little Oliver's first birthday! I still can't believe that my baby is ONE! Oliver will likely (if things go according to plan) be our last so this has been quite the milestone for our family. I finally have my body back (after 3 years of pregnancy and breastfeeding back to back). And I'm also so happy with this current stage in life. Oliver is mobile and crawling vigorously after his older brother. They play well together and love going on adventures. A few weeks ago we went on a family outing to the apple orchard and had a super fun time. Evan was a star apple picker and Ollie loved trying to mouth all the apples! We also got to break in our new BOGS boots- thankfully just in time to enjoy the cooler weather before it turned back into summer just a few days later (these 90 degree days can go away anytime now thank you!). I've been dying for cooler, rainy or overcast days again so we can get back in our boots and go on some nature scavenger adventures (we need to gather our pine cones for fall decor!). I've been a big fan of BOGS boots for a while so this season we decided to coordinate boots for every member of the family. I love that the BOGS website is one stop shopping for all of us (how often does that happen?!). Simple black boots go with everything are perfect for the fall and winter weather ahead.

Chelsea's boots: Quinn Lace Boots

Kiel's boots: Mens Waterproof Rain Boots

Evan's boots: Solid Color Waterproof Baby BOGS

Oliver's boots: Solid Color Waterproof Baby BOGS

The boots all fit pretty true to size and will work for us all year round here in Ohio (although I will probably opt for some taller boots if the snow hits bad this year but I just couldn't resist these adorable lace up ones for now, especially since we have been getting less and less heavy snow falls).

Fall is certainly a magical time in Ohio. September apple picking and October pumpkin picking are my favorites. There are lots of apple orchard options around central Ohio but we went to Lynd's since they had macintosh that weekend which is what we wanted. Since we gathered our apples we have been eating apple slices by the fist full (I love them with this Trader Joe's cookie butter), made an apple crostada, and plan to make my favorite apple crisp this week. I think the kids may be getting appled out (if that's even a thing?!) but they will NOT STOP talking about pumpkins and since October is less than a week away, it's time to start planning our next fall family trip!

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