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farm fresh finds: spring gardening

1. jute cord 2. blue ball jars 3. bonsai pruning shears 4. terra cotta pots

It is finally getting warm enough in Columbus to spend time in the garden without freezing your finger tips off. Unfortunately our weather tends to go through awful midwest mood swings during spring. But as the temperatures seem to holding above freezing rather consistently, we have been able to spend more time cleaning up the yard and getting ready for planting, mulching, and outdoor decorating. I love this time of year!

Today we stocked up on supplies from our local Anderson's store. Apparently I can't take Kiel there... he gets lost in the tool section, bought a pair of overalls, and spent the most time I have ever experienced "shopping". I actually had to sit down to wait for him, and usually it is the other way around! Anyways... we stocked up on some bushes for the backyard, some herb and lettuce seedlings that I plan to plant tomorrow when the weather warms a bit and the sun is shining.

We have big plans this year for our outdoor space and I have big expectations for our vegetable garden as we are trying harder and harder to eat more locally sourced food. I want to try to attend a Local Matters workshop to learn more about turning my thumb from black to green. Hopefully I can be more successful in my plants coming to fruition this year!