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farm fresh inspiration: bathroom remodel

1. Aquidneck via Houzz 2. Home Depot 3. World Market 4. HGTV

What a busy week it has been, and I am not even in classes anymore! Very excited for The Scott Show this coming weekend. We are also planning to gather supplies for our upcoming master bathroom renovation. Kiel is finishing up a project and then on to the remodel we start! Although this project is going to be a rough one (straight tub bathing for a few weeks while the shower is ripped out), it marks our last "need to do" renovation for our house! We have come a long way in 3 years. And the best part is that once we are all done with this, we get to take some real pictures to share with everyone (not my half-assed trying to learn photography ones)!

Happy Wednesday and first day of Spring (although the weather here in Columbus seems to disagree on that one...)!