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farm fresh inspiration: porch party

1. porch party salsa 2. citronella soy candle 3. string lights 4. bucket cooler

As we are knocking off some items on the summer "to-do" list, socializing has finally become a priority for us this summer! And one of my favorite things about our neighborhood are the front porches. When we moved in 3 summers ago we were exposed to our first impromptu neighborhood porch party. During the week, usually on the beloved "hump day", one of the neighbors will send around old fashioned paper invites to each house on the block for a porch party. Everyone brings somethings to share- a bag of chips, a can of salsa, a bottle of wine- and we all relax and catch up. It is such a fun and relaxing time. We can't wait to host one soon our newly updated front porch!