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getting organized

So now that things are up and running here on the new site, I have want to start better organizing my posts, steam lining features, and pushing myself further when it comes to content.

I am having a hard time with all of this currently because I often feel very tired and worn out after my day job. Although I am lucky that I have a pretty sweet gig with my 9-5 (no weekends, nights, or holidays which is a lot better than a lot of nurses have it), I am still find it hard to get my creative juices flowing after work.

I want to use this blog to document and share my adventures through life, creative ideas, and inspiring content. I want to connect with others and build more relationships. But this all takes a lot of work. So finding the time to balance gets challenging.

So here are 5 goals I have set for myself this month (if I write them down here I am officially accountable):

1. connect with more creative people

2. blog more local content

3. step out of my comfort zone

4. start a weekly and/or monthly feature

5. be more confident

I want to start writing more goals like this at the beginning of each month so that I can focus on what I want to accomplish (my ADD mind needs this!). And if at the end of the month I am not where I want to be with some of these goals, they will carry on to next month.

I am very excited for this month, I feel it is going to be a good one!